Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Betsy began her entrepreneurial career at age 23. Forty years later her passion is to coach women entrepreneurs to operate from their core strengths, and spark the talents that sustain their professional and personal growth. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Mindset Coach. She uses these modalities to support her Personal Ground Rules™ programs to help her clients live more confidently and courageously.

As a public speaker and coach, Betsy teaches a variety of programs, including Strengths Finders, skills to communicate more effectively, entrepreneurial best practices and the soft skills necessary in business today.

Betsy lives in Colorado with her husband and dogs. She and her husband travel frequently to play with their grown children.

Speaker Sheet

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Signature Speaking Topics

S.H.A.Z.A.M.: Instant Courage to Find Your Voice when Speaking to a Group

We all have been in the situation where we have had to give a presentation without much time to prepare or we must give a spontaneous report to a group of team members. How do you calm your nerves, focus and speak with authority? Learn the power of S.H.A.Z.A.M. so that you can boldly speak with confidence, clarity and courage.

Key Learnings
Several years of Toastmasters and years of practice behind a podium, Betsy gives you actionable tips and tools on how to step into your power, maintain your composure and deliver a compelling and organized impromptu speech or presentation.

Confidence; The Best Thing to Put on Each Morning

We have all seen someone with confidence enter a room and the dynamics of the group changes. How does that happen? How do we balance confidence with humility? How do we come to the table the “right size,” showing up as we intend?

Key Learnings
Confidence is a skill. Learn how to hone this transformational skill to bring your best self forward consistently. Be True 2 You, Be on Purpose and Be Unstoppable.

Comparison: Your Mindset Matters

Does comparison keep derailing you? Do you struggle with Imposter Syndrome? Do your Mind Monkeys keep you playing a smaller, safer game? Do you wrestle with self-doubt which makes you hesitate? How do you maintain mental toughness that supports your goals and vision?

Key Learnings
Comparison is a joy crusher! Understand how rampant comparison is in our culture and how it can cause us to get stuck in our heads. Learn solid strategies to overcome the critic and live powerfully. Live a life you love!!