Personal Ground Rules™ Coaching Packages

Personal Ground Rules™

The WHAT of Personal Ground Rules™


Self-Compassion, Confidence, Comparison


Core values, Clarity, Commit to Grit


Credibility, Communication, Connection

The HOW of Personal Ground Rules™


  • A confused mind does not buy, understand that a confused mind cannot sell either!
  • Develop a clear understanding of what you want and why it matters, so you can keep your vision alive and stay on track.


  • Confidence is a skill, it is something you can learn to develop.
  • Confidence allows you to love, accept and enjoy yourself, you are comfortable in your own skin.


  • Being dedicated to your business, family or cause even when it is difficult.
  • Unshakable in your conviction to persist, you are willing to play full out!

Foundational PGR™

Being an entrepreneur or business woman can be extremely difficult and lonely. Come join like-minded business women who are professionals, willing to do the work it takes to make their unremitting purpose a reality!

Learn business best practices to create deeper connections. Develop a mindset that overcomes the obstacles and Mind Monkeys that can sabotage you as you grow your business. Grace, resiliency, trust and self-awareness are key components to flourishing and creating a rock solid business.

What You Get

(3) 2-hour teachings on

  • Self-Compassion
  • Confidence
  • Comparison
  • Exercises to solidify your learnings so you can be KNOWN

    Group support for you and your business

    Accountability partner during the 3-months together

    Collaborative wisdom of women

    The Value

    Gain clarity on who you are – know that you ARE enough!

    Stop being so hard on yourself – learn to lighten up!

    Accept your brilliance and leverage it.

    Develop and leverage your soft (essential) skills.

    Learn how to overcome comparison when it threatens to undermine your business.

    Create mind monkey mastery.

    Understanding the economy and power of connection.

    The Offer

    • Heightened self awareness
    • Group time
    • Accountability journal
    • Accountability exercises
    • Accountability partner
    • Email access to Betsy for 3-month

    PGR™ Mastermind – by invitation

    For the committed business woman who understands being an entrepreneur or business woman can be difficult and extremely lonely. Do an in-depth session with Betsy prior to the Mastermind launch to understand your brilliance, what you bring to the table and what you need to flourish as you go through the Clifton Strengths Assessment one on one.

    This small group of like-minded business women are willing to dig deep in a safe environment and do the hard work of owning their stuff. They will work to come out the other side with deep clarity on how to take their business to the next level without losing themselves in the process.

    We are hardwired for connection. This intimate group will create bonds to carry one another through the ups and down of business as usual. Members of this small group will learn from the PGR™ teachings monthly, then the collaborative wisdom of women will emerge during the monthly Mastermind sessions. Following the two group sessions, each woman will receive a one on one coaching session with Betsy. Each of the participants in this Mastermind will have an accountability partner to solidify the monthly work in between sessions.

    What You Get

    StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment code

    In-depth one on one Coaching around your Top-5 Signature Themes

    An intimate environment to learn and grow from the collaborative wisdom of women

    (9) in-depth teachings

    Vision workshop

    “Re-Invest in YOU!” Journal

    Lunch included during in-person meetings

    (9) mastermind sessions

    One on one coaching with Betsy each month

    Private Facebook page

    Exercises to solidify your essential skills to do life well

    An accountability partner during the 9-months together

    Deeper access to Betsy’s 40-years of entrepreneurial experience and wisdom

    The gift of personal and group support for you and your business

    So WHAT?!?

    Know on a visceral level that you ARE enough!!

    Stop being so hard on yourself, learn to lighten up!

    Learn how to overcome comparison when it threatens to undermine your business.

    Find your voice and trust your intuition.

    Speak with passion, power and presence.

    Leverage your brilliance with confidence with an intensive Leadership Branding Exercise.

    Develop and maximize your soft (essential) skills.

    Make decisions easily so you stop second guessing yourself.

    Become a professional. Identify and overcome your excuses.

    Become a better listener.

    Learn how to tune out the Mind Monkeys.

    Understand the power of connection.

    Gain Clarity. A confused mind does not buy and a confused mind cannot sell.

    Learn the power of GRIT. Stay focused on what matters.

    Rise and shine.

    Overcome self-doubt and become more courageous, consistently.

    The Value

    • Discover your strengths and accept your uniqueness
    • Learn to leverage your strengths to support your goals
    • Intimacy of a small group connection
    • Deeper self-awareness
    • Time to build solid best practices personally and professionally
    • Group teaching (2-hours each month)
    • Powerful friendships will develop over lunch each month
    • Group mastermind (1-hour each month)
    • 30-minute one on one coaching with Betsy each quarter
    • Private Facebook page
    • Accountability journal
    • Accountability exercises
    • Accountability partner for 9-months
    • Email access to Betsy for 9-months

    Praise For Betsy Clark

    I highly recommend Betsy Clark as a life-business coach. She has a dynamic personality and it is clearly evident that she is zealous about guiding and encouraging women to reach their potential. The top notch coaching she provides is intuitive, insightful and relevant. Betsy gives us the stepping stones that we need to propel ourselves to reach the other side. In addition, her professionalism and timelines are contagious as I find myself wanting to project these qualities with my clients. You are cutting yourself short if you don’t invest your resources of time and money to be coached by Betsy.

    ~ Bau K. – Landscape Designer/Business Owner

    Coaching with Betsy is a blast. She is an extraordinary coach and a master at explaining your strengths. Betsy ensures you understand the nuances of your strengths and how they show up in your life. You can’t hide or fool her. She is very creative in making sure you see and own your strengths. Wanting only the best for her clients, she meets you where you are and gently nudges you to take the next step; to be more and do more. I did strengths based coaching with Betsy, after a difficult time in my life. Her coaching allowed me to finally own what comes naturally to me and what I do best. Her coaching, encouragement and support is just what I needed to take my next step and re-brand my business.

    ~ Kath S. – Coach/Business Owner

    I have coached with Betsy for 3 years and I highly recommend her! She has a unique knack for helping you dig deeper and see the bigger picture. She designs her coaching around the individual’s strengths, helping you become the very best version of yourself!

    ~ Amy C. – Business Owner

    Betsy inspired and empowered me through her thoughtful coaching. In the midst of a tumultuous time in my career, Betsy helped me to focus and capitalize on my strengths. Through her client-centered coaching process, I have strengthened my current position as well as discovered a potential new and exciting career path, thus alleviating my anxiety and doubts regarding my future. It has proven an invaluable experience.

    ~ Melissa H. – Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

    I so enjoyed working with Betsy Clark during my coaching process – she has a way of lifting you up and helping you see your positive attributes and focusing on that instead of shortcomings and ‘fixes.’ During our coaching sessions I felt that I had her total attention – I was the focus of Betsy’s time and energy – that is rare in this busy world!

    ~ Carol C. – Health and Wellness Coach/Business Owner